Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Right said Fred

Cairns Post: Fitzroy Island tour operator dismisses coral bleaching reports
Raging Thunder owner Fred Ariel, who operates day­trips to the island, said the only bleaching his staff had spotted at the fringing reef was very minor, covering a small car-sized area.
“Reading about it and hearing about it on the news that there’s bleaching on Lizard ­Island, and now Fitzroy Island – it’s bulls**t,’’ Mr Ariel said.

Would that be the same Fred Ariel who enthused a few years ago in 2010 about building a water pipeline from the PNG highlands: Businessman defends PNG water pipeline
An Australian businessman on Friday defended his ambitious plan to build a $US27 billion ($A29.97 billion) pipeline to transport fresh water from Papua New Guinea to the Australian state of Queensland as feasible.
Fred Ariel said his Might and Power company had signed a deal with the PNG government to complete a feasibility study into the construction of a 3000km pipeline to supply farming and drinking water.

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