Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Doing the sums for Bob

Cairns Unity via Facebook:
Under Bob Manning’s leadership, the Cairns Regional Council committed $3 million to the Cairns region for the tourism industry in the most recent budget; a 600% increase from the $500K committed by the previous Council.

Comment response:

Sorry for being pedantic but that's actually a 500% increase and not a 600% increase. It really is fundamental numeracy and rated Year 9 level at mathsteacher.com.au. I guess candidates for council don't require that level? Anyway here is a handy online calculator to assist councillors with the next budget: http://www.csgnetwork.com/percentchangecalc.html
Politicians for some reason just keep getting this wrong: Doing the sums for Trouty. The same adjustment usually has to be made for any similar numbers from Entsch on insurance premiums.

It also isn't at all clear to me that the numbers used by Unity to derive the incorrect percentage are themselves correct or a relevant comparison? Without trawling through all the available reports and budget documents this link to council minutes from 2011 indicates funding in the last 2011/2012 budget year of the previous council at an annual $480,000 plus an additional $400,000 to support a strategic plan. Which isn't consistent with the Unity numbers.

There is probably a good post also sometime on whether any increase in the tourism budget has been justified by performance? Tourism boom continues…some surprises for TNQ ;

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