Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cultural icons and avocados

Michael Pascoe took issue with the Australia Day lamb promotion as a triumph of marketing over history: Vegan-stirring lamb ad pulling the wool over our eyes

How did a Kiwi icon become the Australian national meat? If anything it should be mutton but when was the last time you saw mutton on Masterchef or even in the pet food section at Woolworths? Food traditions evolve rapidly which brings us to avocados and the price thereof.

A relatively recent arrival the avocado has been adopted by Strayans with relish. It has become an icon of our burgeoning café culture. Cartoonist Jon Kudelka has suggested a smashed avocado as replacement for the Union Jack in any new flag design.

However it would appear that demand has recently surpassed supply with skyrocketing prices. A spat has broken out within the avocado community with finger-pointing claims of market manipulation, denials and counter-claims. Apparently we will have to wait for the Queensland Shepherd variety in March to restore reasonable prices.

The truth behind the avocado shortage: growers made 'innocent mistake'

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The national avocado shortage is going to get worse

So spare a thought for our world class café entrepreneurs, culinary cultural warriors who this Australia Day were confronted not just with public holiday penalty rates but usurious costs for their smashed avocados!

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