Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Packer v Fung; Dalton v King

My two fave Cairns journalists appear to have sqaured off over Aquis: Aquis licence decision imminent as part of stadium package deal. This was posted on FB as a PRO TIP: Before you read it in The Cairns Post tomorrow

It was sourced from the sports pages of The Guardian from a local soccer representative.

The Cairns Post responded: Aquis rules out February decision for $8.15bn casino near Cairns

Never mind. The King Parrott followed up with a Q&A: Aquis remains tight-lipped on Cairns plans

Meanwhile. Keen financial wonks may have noted that back in the real world the biggest financial story of the week was rumours of young Jamie Packer taking Crown Resorts private. The public stockmarket was not adequately valuing the business and aggressive expansion plans apparently.

Now this gets interesting because Fung is proposing on current PR spruik to fund similarly ambitious casino development from the public ASX listed Aquis Entertainment. An opposite strategy. Who am I to question the financial strategy of billionaires? However, can they both be right?

Someone is gunna make money tralalalalaslala!

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