Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dalton Shameless

Cairns Post, December 3, 2015: FNQ beats Gold Coast to attract most overseas holiday-makers in Queensland
TROPICAL North Queensland has stolen the international holiday-maker crown from the Gold Coast for the first time.
Nearly 700,000 overseas holiday-makers spent nearly $1 billion when visiting the region, the latest International Visitor Survey shows.
The Tropical North recorded 697,000 visitors – 10,000 more than the Gold Coast and 146,000 more than Brisbane (551,000).

Cairns Post, December 5, 2014: North Dumps Gold Coast For Top Spot
The tropical north has beaten the Gold Coast for the first time as the most popular destination in Queensland for international holiday makers.
According to international visitor survey figures for the year ended September 30 this year, 665,000 international holiday-makers visited the region, 23,000 more than the Gold Coast and 155,000 more than Brisbane.
Guess who? Yes it's Nick Dalton again, business editor and plagiarist at the Cairns Post. This year the same story and incorrect claim was even promoted to the front page headline. The numbers above actually appear to indicate that FNQ/TNQ has lost ground to Gold Coast and Brisbane in the past year?

I can't find a link online to last years Cairns Post yarn but it was posted here at Loose Change at the time: A Dalton too far?  Let me also repost the same graph from last year for the benefit of the professionals (sic) at the Cairns Post:


The first time for what? Does anybody at the Compost actually fact check the notorious BS from Dalton before they turn it into a front page splash?

Update: Analysis of the latest international visitor survey at Conus Strong International Visitor Survey results; but TNQ is lagging behind

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