Tuesday, August 25, 2015

That airport data again

Cairns Airport has updated for July. International turnaround was the story with a good month. Domestic growth if anything a bit soft in the seasonal peak month at 2.8%.

The international turnaround still needs to be regarded from the context of a low base. However curious on this comment from the airport:
July 2015 set a new record for monthly passenger and July is traditionally the busiest month of the year. Passengers are now up to 55,000 (12%) higher than the pre GFC peaks.
The numbers here seem to be understating growth. There were also some apparent flaws in the airport data around the GFC period where their numbers re domestic and international didn't add up to the extent of deriving a negative domestic number through he international terminal.


  1. That's fantastic about the international numbers, and the trend appears solid. I'm a lot more confident about the prospects for tourism after listening to Justin Fung from Aquis at a recent conference in Brisbane. While he's not a disinterested observer, the points he made about the massive expected growth in Chinese tourism yet to come were very powerful. The GBR is on everyone's bucket list and FNQ is the major gateway.

  2. Thanks Gene. I will maintain my cynicism on Justin Fung. Stop over promising and under delivering!