Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pledging allegiance to Team Rupert

Opinion contributions this week from our newsroom elite:

"Green groups are also citing ocean acidification caused by carbon emissions as a threat to the Reef, but some scientists say just one volcano can spew out more CO2 in a day than mankind has in 250 years." - Cairns Post deputy editor Julian Tomlinson

"This week's unfolding Greek financial tragedy should be a cautionary tale for Queenslanders that relying on growth to fix government debt is a reckless response" - Courier Mail state political editor Steven Wardill

Would any further comment or discussion to refute either of these misguided (or even just arse-about wrong) statements be superfluous? Why bother to waste time poring through such as science or economic journals, or even recent IMF reports, to provide informed discussion and links to creditable sources when one can just go straight to the knowledge bank at Team Rupert?

A deeper understanding of the Euro crisis as Greece v Germany is provided from Monty Python:

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