Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Budget 2015: Pork North?

A quick reading list which may be progressively updated:

Brisbane Times: Federal Budget 2015: What's in it for Queensland

Gene Tunny: Trajectory to surplus not the same thing as budgeting for a surplus

Stephen Koukoulas: Big-spending Joe Hockey delivers a federal budget that will please no one

Conus: Some good news for small business but the Budget puts off any attempt at fiscal repair

Ross Gittens: Federal budget 2015: A budget that will restore political fortunes but at a cost

Greg Jericho: The budget to repair the (poll) damage done by the last budget – in graphs

Michael Pascoe: Joe Hockey blossoms into a happy budget butterfly

Tim Colebatch: The budget: mostly normal, partly unreal

The Conversation: Budget infrastructure spending serves mainly political goals

ABC Drum:  Budget 2015: Are we looking at an election budget?

In the Compost: Far North business leaders welcome budget small business tax cut and $5b infrastructure fund

 $5 billion for a Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility! What sort of name is that? Why not just call it Pork North?

First and also final word to First Dog on the Moon: First Dog on budget 2015: how to forget how bad last year's one was

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  1. They are dreaming, let's hope it is not turning into a nightmare.

    "The North has been place of dreams, and these dreams are yet to be realised."

    WarrenTruss, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development on ABC Radio National Breakfast program, 14 May 2015