Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Aquis Entertainment lost in Canberra fog?

Last month I posted on the manoeuvre by the Friendly Fung Family (FFF) to backdoor list the Canberra Casino on the ASX via Discovery Resources: Fung listing through the backdoor for Aquis

Having acquired a minimal holding in Discovery (ASX:DIS) of 5,000 shares with a current market value of $525, which should be adequate to imminently turn me into a billionaire casino mogul, I thought I should check on how things were progressing. There has been no further news at all from Discovery since the April 17 trading halt and announcement except for their standard quarterly cash flow report. This doesn't seem consistent with the indicative timeline in the announcement:

Particularly noted here is the indication that after this April 17 announcement they could provide an independent expert's report as soon as late April. Perhaps they had Pat Flanagan pencilled in for that?

My calendar says it is now late May 2015 with no sign of any prospectus, meeting, or even notice thereof. Well they did say it was indicative! Oh no, don't tell me it's the conditions again?

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