Friday, May 1, 2015

Airport growth continues in March

A late release this month for Cairns Airport statistics for March. Domestic was up 4.9% on March 2014 and International up 2.8%. Monthly Y-o-Y growth for the last five years looks like this with a 12 month moving average:

International only comprises about 10% - 15% of the total. Commentary on the volatile international routes remains positive and include the launch of Jetstar services to Bali and resumption of seasonal Air NZ flights to Auckland. Comparable flight routes with 2014 to Guam, Hong Kong, Osaka and Tokyo were up a combined 13%. There is also a comment that domestic growth was among the highest at the major airports.

I haven't looked for any available stats from Melbourne or Brisbane but Sydney Airport also reported a very strong March. Domestic was up 4.2% and International 8.9% which were both well above YTD performance. Commentary there cites effect of an earlier Easter, cricket world cup, and a 38.8% increase in Chinese passengers on the tail end of the lunar new year celebrations.

Note: The most recent CairnsWatch preceded these latest numbers but had previously estimated trend Airport growth in February at 7.7% which was up from 2.1% the previous month. I just can't figure that most recent number. The only months with growth rates above that in recent years have related to the Chinese lunar new year month and the 2012 eclipse. I blame the moon gods & godesses!

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