Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Population growth slows in Cairns

As previously posted Queensland population growth is no longer outstripping the nation. There have been a few posts related to this at Queensland Economy Watch and Conus has commentary on the Cassowary Coast estimated population still at a virtual standstill .

In line with that broader trend the population growth rate in Cairns also slowed to 1.3% - 1.4%  in the year to June 2014 depending on whether you use the LGA, SUA or SA3 area. So that is just below the Queensland and Australian average growth rates. It is also just below most other larger regional centres in Queensland based on the SUA (Significant Urban Area) data from the ABS.


Noted among the smaller SUA centres was a population decline in Mt Isa. The SA2 area breakdown for the Cairns suburbs looks like this:

Well I would have expected the northern beaches to be near the top but somewhat surprised by the City and Westcourt-Bungalow given the absence of new residential stock in recent years.
Note: There is also some commentary on the updated population stats at the most recent Cairnswatch.

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