Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dredge report dredged

The release finally of the Trinity Inlet dredging report. I don't think there is much credit to be attributed anywhere on this one. More than two years and unexplained delays for this? Could I possibly suggest someone should be showing solicitor Brett Moller at Ports North which way the door is?

As always Pete Faulkner at Conus has provided a good summary of the economics: Cairns Port dredge EIS finally sees the light of day…and it kills the project

The economic aspects come in Appendix 9 from Bill Cummings who should have perhaps been more circumspect re comments he made on talkback radio re environmental aspects as a consultant to the project.

I could post lots here but what's the point? I could also post on the veracity of economic models used to support anything but we already know these are suspect.

The political situation is interesting because the economics would stack up except that the Fed Environment Minister Hunt has canned any dredge spoil dumping in the GBRMP area. So it's actually the LNP in Canberra which has destroyed the viability!

Note that the alternative offshore dredge disposal site outside the GBRMP closer to shore is way worse for sediment dispersal environmental outcomes.

Treasurer Curtis looks to have ditched it anyway. As far as I can see absent environmental aspects this project would be no less viable or more stupid than the Townsville super stadium subsidy to which $100m was committed in the election.

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