Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Aquis Broadwater?

Just browsing yesterday through the ASIC register for the Aquis companies associated with the Friendly Fung Family (FFF). Fung has shown a particular interest in the Gold Coast recently having bought the penthouse in the Soul building at Surfers Paradise and the horse racing properties from financially stressed boganaire Nathan Tinkler in the hinterland.
There were a couple of new companies registered earlier this year. Aquis Soul and Aquis Lake Orr. Lake Orr would appear to be the name of part of the Gold Coast waterways behind Mermaid Beach. Both these companies are registered to the Spence St office of Moore Stephens in Cairns which is home for most of the Fung Aquis stable.
A new addition is that a Narelle Louise McBain appears as a director of both these newly registered companies along with Fung. So it was curious yesterday when another new registration appeared for Aquis Broadwater Pty Ltd with Narelle as sole director and secretary as well as sole shareholder! No Fung! This company is also registered to the Moore Stephens office in Cairns.
Narelle would appear from a quick google search to have had some previous association with Octavian/MFS and Michael King.  You may recall that King was taken on by Fung last year during the bid for Reef Casino with some controversy and comment and then was reported supposedly to have been let go at the end of last year when the bid collapsed. King is facing contested charges from ASIC over the collapse of Octavian in 2008.
No judgement. I'm just curious?

Update in the Courier-Mail: Fung eyes Broadwater; Nick Dalton has caught up: Tony Fung registers new Aquis Gold Coast “acquisition” company

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