Thursday, March 12, 2015

Jumbo jets arriving via Bruce Hwy

The Domestic Visitor Survey was out this week and Conus has posted that the numbers are not really too flattering for Queensland despite some spin from TEQ: Domestic visitors rise but QLD slips even further
In TNQ the story gets worse. Although visitor numbers were up 5.7% (marginally better than the QLD average, but well below the national rate), average visitor expenditure fell by 8.1% over the course of the year. Bear in mind that these are nominal expenditure figures and do not therefore account for inflation. The real fall in average visitor expenditure is therefore close to 10%. Total expenditure rose just 1.3%.
Nick Dalton certainly did his bit for a more positive spin at the Cairns Post:  Aussies visiting tropical north top 1.7m and spend $1.7bn
MORE than 3400 jumbo jet-loads of Aussies visited the Far North last year, totalling 1.7 million people, with 90,000 travellers – or 180 jumbos – more than visited in 2013.
Total visitors were actually 1,683,000 so didn't quite "top 1.7m". Never mind, all we need now is a mode of transport breakdown to be able to work out how many jumbo jets arrived along the Bruce Highway.

I expect an imminent report from the Cairns Post on how many Olympic swimming pools of water fell on the city yesterday.

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