Monday, February 2, 2015

Great moments in local democracy

Cairns Post:
The member for Cairns has officially resigned from council, leaving his Division 3 seat vacant.
Council is now calling for nominations for the position.
Mr Pyne suspects council will avoid the expense of a by-election by choosing to appoint an applicant.
“A man named Ian Hodge polled second (to Mr Pyne in 2012) and he ran on the Mayor’s unity ticket,” said Mr Pyne.
“But what happens will be a call for all the councillors to make.”

However his Facebook page appears to indicate that Ian is currently resident in Port Moresby:


Ian is also understood to be involved in the Cairns Game Fishing Club which is believed to have received a generous donation from the Friendly Fung Family.

What was that I said in a previous post about electoral reform again? The Local Government Act could well do with some substantial reform.

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