Thursday, January 22, 2015

Regional employment a drag on Queensland

Conus has updated the trend series for todays ABS regional labour force data with some local analysis: Regional jobs data is poor for Cairns

There are some interesting things happening around some of those numbers in Cairns and Townsville particularly the participation rates. However I thought I would stick to a broader state and regional perspective with a few graphs. This from last weeks national data showing the Queensland share of total Australian employment:

The Queensland share hit its highest level at 20.54% back in February 2009 and has since edged lower to 20.02%.
I recently posted a comparison of annual employment growth between SEQ and the Regions. This is compiled from the Conus Trend data amalgamating Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast from the ABS regions to form SEQ. This has been updated and annual employment growth for the Regions remains negative at the lowest levels for the series. Gold Coast has been the biggest contributor to employment growth in Queensland over the past year.
Similar to the first graph this is then the Regional (ex SEQ) share of total Queensland employment derived from the Conus Trend data:
I think this last graph can also be added to the list of reasons why the population target in the Queensland Plan for 50% to live outside SEQ is *stupid*.

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