Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Election unhinging predicted at Courier-Mail

An imminent snap election reminded me of an unfinished post on an editorial from the Courier-Mail on Boxing Day: We had a merry Christmas and can be confident the best is yet to come

This editorial is so blatantly biased, error-ridden and misleading I can only presume someone at the C-M perhaps let Des Haughton off the leash after an indulgent Christmas Dinner. Soviet era Pravda reports on the latest 5 year plan were more objective than this:
While more than half of all new Australian jobs in the past year were created in Queensland, the state’s unemployment rate still hovers around 6 per cent.
This statement may have been valid if it was written some six months ago. Much has changed over that period with the unemployment rate in Queensland now hovering up around 7%. Let me also update for the most recent data on job creation in the form of a pie chart showing the current Queensland percentage of National jobs growth. A pie being something which may be more easily comprehended even by the likes of Haughton:

Some way short of half but at least it's still positive, just. Whether it be wages growth, business confidence or retail sales the rest of the editorial is similarly more reminiscent of a drunken family political debate over the prawns and vino with dubious data and sauces(sic) being thrown around negligently and completely misrepresents the current position of the Queensland economy.

I expect further unhinging and degradation of journalism standards over the coming month. Meanwhile in the blogosphere Gene Tunny at Queensland Economy Watch has produced an excellent objective summary of the state of play: Queensland economic outlook for 2015

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