Sunday, January 18, 2015

Drover's dog set to win Cairns

There is no shortage of material however I have found attempting to post anything during the election period a mentally difficult strain.

However HT to Conus with an update on the Small Areas Labour Market data. I posted on this previously with some concerns and had a good response from the DoE who compile the data. DoE have now compiled the series back beyond the 2011 census. I will post on this subsequently.

An overlay with state electorates and the SA2 data could also be interesting. This is the latest SA2 data for Cairns:

If I were to overlay this with the state electoral divisions and consider the demographics I could quite easily come to the conclusion that the win by the LNP in Cairns in 2012 was something of an anomaly. I would also suggest that someone in the ALP should be deeply embarrassed that the electorate was ever lost or even became marginal before 2012.

The proverbial drover's dog should be able to reclaim Cairns for the ALP!

Meanwhile some links on last weeks labour force data:

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