Friday, December 5, 2014

A Dalton too far?

Facebook post from a smiling Member for Cairns and Assistant Tourism Minister:

I can't yet find this posted online so let me attempt an accurate transcription:
"The tropical north has beaten the Gold Coast for the first time as the most popular destination in Queensland for international holiday makers"
"According to international visitor survey figures for the year ended September 30 this year, 665,000 international holiday-makers visited the region, 23,000 more than the Gold Coast and 155,000 more than Brisbane."
The International Visitor Survey breaks visitors down into categories such as holiday, business, education etc. This information is available at the DestinationQ website where it can be interactively graphed and downloaded. There were indeed 665,000 visitors to TNQ in the holiday category. This was 23,000 more than Gold Coast for the year to September 30 2014.
I have downloaded and graphed the Queensland regional data for the holiday category to enable comparison and analytical interpretation:
Yes, here we can clearly see that TNQ has surpassed the Gold Coast in this holiday visitor category for the first time ever! Oh, wait?

Accurate commentary on this recent International Visitor Survey can be found at Conus: International Tourism numbers continue to climb but TNQ still underperforming

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