Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A comment in which I demonstrate some frustration on the insurance debate

I'm blocked by the Cairns Post on FB so this as my quick response to todays latest insurance beat up and subsequent comments presumably designed as a smoke screen for last weeks adverse finding from the Australian Government Actuary. When rationality fails, derp works:

The ignorance and misunderstanding which continues to be actively promoted by Warren Entsch and Cairns Post continues to astound. The Cairns Post can't even get a basic primary school percentage calculation right in this one!

1) No, despite the current storms down south NQ actually is higher risk based any empirical study that has ever been done. 2) No, requiring a regulated market to impose red tape on where and what insurers should cover is not a workable solution. 3) No, a state insurance office won't make the difference people think it will as Darwin actually is lower risk, and it wont happen anyway.

There are many criticisms that can be made of the insurance situation in FNQ but none of them have ever been addressed by either the Cairns Post, where innumeracy is apparently required for employment, or Warren Entsch who leaves no doubt every time he opens his mouth on anything financial why CEC went down the gurgler with him on the board as chairman!



I'm thinking of joining a quiet monastery somewhere ........

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