Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lazy plagiarising journalist maligns workers in Cairns as lazy?

Rare excursions into the Cairns Post fish'n'chip wrapper edition threw up an interesting yarn this week on a Cairns Chamber 'report' in the Wednesday business edition, thankfully not posted online.
The two organisations have developed a 10 percent Productivity Action Plan to tackle poor productivity with lazy staff costing Cairns businesses $178 million last year.
Oh dear. Staff bludgers. In the private sector now? The relevant section in the Cairns Chamber 'report' actually says:
Cairns lost $178,200,000 of productivity in 2013 through disengaged employees alone. That equates to $2740 forgone profit for every employee every year*
This is a joint 'report' between the Cairns Chamber and a local company, together currently selling a weekend retreat at some cost to enthusiastic participants. The asterix is noted. There are several in the report. These don't particularly reference anything meaningful that can be used to clarify any of the numbers in the 'report'. Notably such as this:
The average productivity value for an employee in Cairns is $96,000 (Cairns Regional Council Data). A small 10% improvement in the productivity of the 65,000 employees across Cairns would deliver an additional $1.198 billion* in sales to our region every year.

However yes, the Cairns Post variation from "disengaged" to "lazy" is from old mate Nick Dalton. Business editor at the Cairns Post. I wonder what kind of CV is actually required to be business editor at the Post? Let me reparaphrase an interpretation at least or more valid from a brief perusal of this so called 'report':

The two organisations have developed a plan based on unconfirmed proprietrary data to tackle a vaguely defined productivity problem in Cairns of inadequate management disengaging employees. We will charge fees for this.
Never mind. I would have thought a Cut & Paste copy from another source was itself also the definition of lazy journalism? Perhaps Nick could justify such lazy plagiarism as a productivity boost for News Ltd?

* Apparently the Cairns Chamber was too lazy to even bother to appropriately footnote the data in their 'report'. 

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