Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cairns employment disappoints in October

Todays regional unemployment numbers can only be described as disappointing: Cairns jobs worsen while Townsville sees improvement

Amongst the four components of the raw data there wasn't a single factor in Cairns which moved positively. My gender fetish indicates that the anomaly in recent months between male and female employment within the data may be reverting closer to 'normal'. Meanwhile the entire situation around Townsville employment is throwing up some curious stuff whether it be building approvals or employment data relative to media reports down there that they all be rooned!

Anyway, to try and again derive something of different interest, based on the Conus Trend series, I have rearranged the ABS data which splits Greater Brisbane from Rest of Queensland. I have moved Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast into SEQ and left the impoverished provincials as the regional remainder. This is Y-o-Y employment growth.

Source: Conus Trends

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