Monday, November 17, 2014

Cruise tourism reports diverge

Wow: Cruise shipping spend triples to $37m to boost Cairns economy!
The value of cruise shipping to the economy in Cairns is triple what has been earlier estimated, topping $36.6 million a year.            
A comprehensive new report by Cruise Lines International Association Australasia has found that passengers, crews and operators spent nearly $37 million in Cairns last year, far more than the $12.5 million figure provided in an earlier report by industry body Cruise Down Under.
Well not so much tripled as a substantial difference between two different reports with the assumption implicit here at the Cairns Post that the higher one is correct. This is the media release from Cruise Lines International Association but can't yet find the report itself online. The earlier report is from Cruise Down Under.

Well the earlier Cruise Down Under report may have been released earlier but states it is for the 2013-2014 year. The CLIA media release doesn't specifically say but consistently refers to "last year" as being 2013. The two are actually quite consistent for aggregate direct spend for Australia $1.72 billion for CLIA and $1.85 billion for Cruise Down Under. So where is the difference for Cairns?
Last year in Cairns there were 43 visits, 61,024 passenger days and 13,194 crew days with direct spending of $36.6 million, passengers $14.7 million, crew $1.6 million and cruise lines $20.3 million.
But another report covering 2013-14 by Cruise Down Under found $12.5 million was spent in Cairns, $10.2 million by passengers, $850,000 by crew and $1.5 million by cruise companies based on 45 ship visits, 47,785 passenger days and 12,469 crew days.
Survey methods can never be perfect and there are differences here in the passenger and crew numbers. However the difference that caused the 'tripling' is almost entirely in expenditure by the cruise line itself with massive variation between $20.3 million and $1.6 million. The explanation for this category from CLIA with numbers for Australia:
Cruise lines’ direct expenditure of $963 million included $276 million on fuel (28.7 per cent of expenditure), $143 million on food and beverage (14.8 per cent), $121 million on travel agent commissions (12.6 per cent) and $97.5 million on port charges (10 per cent).
Is there some explanation or is one of these reports badly wrong on this category for Cairns?  

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