Sunday, November 9, 2014

Aboriginal affairs policy and dead armadillos

I recommend this post from Ken Parish at Club Troppo on aboriginal affairs policy in the wake of last weeks speech by Noel Pearson: From assimilation to Black Power to Gordon Gekko to where? (II)

Ken is a law academic at Charles Darwin University in Darwin and was also a member of the NT parliament for a period some time in the past. Ken was an original instigator at Club Troppo which I think may now hold the record for the blog which I have followed the longest. It was originally Troppo Armadillo as a play on the quote "there are only yellow lines and dead armadillos in the middle of the road".

Ken has a capacity for bipartisan and independent thought. Worth a read.

Note: There are also issues there related to CEDP and indigenous employment programs which I suspect may have some impact on the Small Areas Labour Market outcomes subject of previous posts.

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