Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Your guide on how to interpret News Ltd journalism

The ABS yesterday released Arrivals and Departures data for August. All good. Arrivals and departures both continue to grow with arrivals now outpacing growth in departures. Arrivals from China continue to grow.

However, on my evening walk to my local RSL for refreshment I could help but note the report in todays Courier-Mail, which is the only place I bother to read the Mail because it is free:
"Australia is back in favour with international tourists, as overseas visitors flock here in numbers not seen since before the Sydney Olympics."

Lets look at the graph from the ABS data:

Yes, I can see clearly that international short term arrival numbers have only grown by about 40% (eyeball approximation) since the Sydenay Olympics!

Never mind, the Qld proportion of 'state where most time spent' finally broke out of a continual trend of being lower than the previous year! Albeit with qualifications as last year was a very low August peak.

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