Monday, September 29, 2014

Women & G20

Belated post. The official group photo at Cairns G20 Finance meeting brought some attention for there being only four women among the 50 odd group. Blue ties to the front please:

However, when you look at the Forbes list of most influential women in the world there were two of the top five women at the G20 finance gabfest:

As a financial wonk, apart from the Australian contingent, I would have had to look up any other men in the group photo. Even Jack Someone as Treasury Sec from the USA? Ragu Rajan was otherwise the most prominent male for me with his previous profile as an academic economist, from India now heading up RBI. The third of the four women was also the relevant minister from India.
Just saying. Meanwhile the only person in Cairns who reckons trade was booming in the City over the G20 weekend was Deb Hancock from the Cairns Chamber. Ba8 at the Shangri La was going off Deb reckoned.
Note: Merkel at #1 of most influential woman sends my head into a bit of a spin. There is not much doubt that Germany is most responsible for what has now turned into Great Depression 2 in Europe. The world would be much better off in that regard if she were not so influential! Perhaps not her fault with no political choice or alternative but to follow teutonic tendencies!

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