Thursday, September 4, 2014

'Right said Fred'

The latest International Tourism Survey from TRA was disappointing for FNQ and I will leave analysis of that to Conus: Intl Tourism data is good for Australia but bad for QLD

Nick Dalton at the Cairns Post has reported the response from TTNQ to arrest the decline: Direct Cairns flights touted as industry looks to reverse falling visitor numbers. This also includes comment from Fred Ariel of Raging Thunder:
“Cairns International Airport which registered only 168,000 international arrivals in the 2013-14 year."
Cairns Airport statistics indicate 243,837 arrivals (ex transits) through the international terminal for the year ended June 2014. How is Fred going with that water pipeline project from the PNG Highlands?

ABS international arrivals and departures numbers for July are due out later today.

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