Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Has Stuckey repeated the same tourism fudge?

Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey has released a report card today at the DestinationQ 2014 forum: Report card shows positive tourism growth
Jobs have been created and Queensland’s economy has been buoyed by strong tourism growth over the past three years according to a new report card released at the third DestinationQ forum. Premier Campbell Newman said there were 27,000 new jobs in tourism and the sector had grown by $3.5 billion since the Government promised to grow the industry as one of the four pillars of the economy.
Three years? The numbers here would appear to be same as the PR from Stuckey back in April: Queensland's tourism industry grows to $23 billion which also includes the 27,000 jobs claim. I posted on this at the time and Pete Faulkner dissected the numbers at Conus: The dangers of getting your dates wrong..and tourism data
In other words the actual increase “since the LNP came into Government” should actually be about $1.4bn (not $3.5bn as claimed). Indeed the bulk of that $3.5bn increase ($2.1bn) actually occurred before the LNP took over.
The numbers used related to the two year period for the financial years from June 2011 to June 2013 which includes the period under the previous administration up to March 2012. So if these are the same numbers repeated this report card is now almost 15 months out of date already?

After the initial reference to previous three years the report card PR then goes on to state that these are "key outcomes since the 1st DestinationQ Forum" which was in June 2012. There is even a YouTube video where Stuckey explicitly claims that the $3.5 billion is "since the Newman government". Newman then states that the 27,000 jobs is "since DestinationQ 2012".

There is no reference to any source for this data in the report card. Perhaps the same numbers is just an extraordinary coincidence somehow but it looks very much like Stuckey has just recycled the same discredited fudge?

Update at Conus including revised estimates: LNP repeating debunked tourism data

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