Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Entsch's Boondoggles

The committee Inquiry into the Development of Northern Australia has last week published a final report. This committee was chaired by the Member for Leichhardt who is widely acknowledged by any sensible person within cooee of Cairns as demonstrating psychologically delusional tendencies at times.

So it wasn't a surprise to see some of his favourite boondoggles for the north feature in the committee report. A tropical institute of sport? I don't even know what "tropical sport" is? The existing Australian Institute of Sport was itself a bad decision and overfunded in my view anyway, and was initially a populist response by Malcolm Fraser to a poor medal outcome at the drug tainted Montreal Olympics.

There is reference in the committee report to appropriate cost benefit analysis to upgrade and extend the infamous Alice Springs to Darwin rail link to support a new link from Mt Isa. I love a good train line but the Alice-Darwin link would never have passed any appropriate analysis.

Re-locating public service functions to the north gets let out for another run. As I think I may have posted previously with centres such as Darwin and Townsville the public sector in the north is already over represented relative to national averages.

Never mind. Who needs analysis or evidence?  Queensland Economy Watch has posted with reference to the insurance proposal of an expanded role for the TIO. The policy response permutations from the Member for Leichhardt on insurance have so far exhibited twists and turns worthy of an Olympic diver, with a succession of impractical magic solutions, only to end in a graceless belly flop.

I agree with the post by Gene Tunny at QEW on the link above re expansion of the TIO and have commented there, despite many I know and perhaps popular support being for a direct gummint insurance office. I will update with a post on insurance but have noted premiums may actually be easing in FNQ. My own body corporate insurance is due this month so will await that first.

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