Monday, September 8, 2014

Chinese Resident Perceptions of Queensland

Note: this is the result of a survey by Tourism Research Australia of Chinese who are resident in Australia. It is not visitors to Australia from China or the diaspora.

Key findings from the research  include:
  • Queensland is the top destination choice within Australia for 55% of Chinese residents. Australia needs to motivate this segment within the first two or three years of moving to Australia.
  • A key holiday motivation for Chinese living in Australia is to share experiences with their family and friends from China and visit well known landmarks.
  • Chinese residents living in Australia are most often aware of the ‘big three’—referred to as the ‘big rock’, ‘big road’ and ‘big reef’ (Uluru, the Great Ocean Road and the Great Barrier Reef) —and consider these ‘must see’ destinations. However, awareness of what’s on offer beyond these landmarks is limited.
  • Destinations unique to Australia—or remarkably different to China—are desirable to Chinese residents, including:  places associated with fresh air (e.g. rainforests); places that are not crowded; large scale natural wonders; and landmarks not artificially enhanced by humans.
  • Websites and brochures in Chinese language, as well as travel agents specialising in their demographic group, are important to around two in five Chinese residents.
Source: Chinese resident perceptions of Queensland

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