Monday, September 29, 2014

Airport Traffic Comparisons

Cairns Airport still haven't posted their latest traffic numbers for August so for a weekend diversion I had a quick look at data from the Dep't of Infrastructure and Regional Development. This is less timely but provides a long term perspective and comparison between airports.

This is their long term graph for traffic at Cairns Airport:

The two most significant disruptions along the route there are the pilots strike and collapse of Ansett. There are also some different definitions from the airports own data with the revenue passengers here representing paying passengers on scheduled flights and are exclusive of charters.

The Department data also allows a traffic growth comparison between Australian airports for FY14:

The impact of the resources slowdown is pretty obvious, and also Canberra. Note: Williamtown is the Newcastle Airport. International comparison however is a bit sad for Cairns:

There is a note from the Department to be wary of large moves off a low base which particularly applies to Sunshine Coast where traffic volume is comparatively negligible. 

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