Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Airport Overload: growth slowdown

Three posts in the past week is a bit of a stretch but Cairns Airport did get around to posting their August stats yesterday. These differ slightly from AIA for domestic passengers which seems to be related to transits. I get a slightly better 12 month rolling domestic growth than AIA but the flatter trend has become apparent in this graph from the airport of total passenger growth (domestic + international):

The airport reported a 2.2% gain for domestic passengers on the previous year in August on the previous year, a -7.7% decline in international, and a total gain of 0.5%. Most interest in the commentary was the impact of cessation of hostilities between Qantas and Virgin in the domestic capacity war:

Cairns passengers continued to grow despite the airlines reducing seats as part of their efforts to return their operations to profitability.
There was 3% growth on the following international jet flights that operated in both August 2013 and August 2014: Auckland, Guam, Hong Kong, Osaka and Tokyo.

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