Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Airport traffic growth undershooting runway

Auckland Airport (AIA) today updated traffic numbers for August which include Cairns Airport. As previously discussed these are presented differently to those directly from the Airport which are yet to be posted for August. The Auckland numbers appear to confirm recent softening growth in domestic traffic. The domestic growth trend had previously been quite robust while international has been weak with negative growth.


Following a negative month in June with -2.9% growth from the year before any rebound has been modest with 1.8% growth in July and 1.4% growth in August. Aggregate growth for the last three months is just 0.3% over the previous year. July and August are the peak months of the year. The percentage change in the 12 month rolling totals from AIA have now successively rolled down: May 5.2%; June 4.6%; July 4.2%; August 3.7%.

I will update with graphics when Cairns Airport post their version of the numbers. Meanwhile seat belts fastened and fingers crossed for a soft landing or maybe even a touch-and-go from G20 traffic!

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