Thursday, August 14, 2014

Parsing Participation

Regional employment data for July released today by ABS with commentary at Conus: Great jobs results for Cairns in July

The only problem I have is this:

Highlighted is a trailing 12 month rolling average of the difference in percentage points between the Cairns participation rate and the Queensland rate, although the trend does appear also to at least have halted the decline and started to turn around. Still a difficult position to reconcile though and I will resist gender commentary on the role of the female rate in that decline. However I will note that as for the last couple of months the female - male unemployment rate split remains unlikely at 3% - 10%.

Further commentary today at Conus: TSV v CNS; jobs and the Participation Rate

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  1. It's a great point Mark. I guess the good news here is that trend PR in Cairns has at least started a long crawl back up (it was 61.4 six months ago, and is now 62.1. The divergence with what's happening at state level is hard to rationalise although QLD PR is about 1.5 higher than nationwide too.