Monday, August 18, 2014

FNQ annexes Townsville

I only recently became aware of the Vacancy report Australian Government Department of Employment:
The Vacancy Report contains the Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) which is based on a count of online vacancies newly lodged on SEEK, My Career, CareerOne and Australian JobSearch. The IVI is the only source of detailed data on online vacancies, including for around 350 occupations (at all skill levels), as well as for all states/territories and 38 regions.
The regions here on the map don't appear to correlate with the current SA4 data from the ABS. FNQ looks more like the old Far North zone including Cape York and also extending down to annex Townsville. However this still should be quite useful and trend employment estimates in Cairns and Townsville seem to have tracked quite closely in recent years.

Rick Carr has now adjusted his job ad series in CairnsWatch to include internet ads but not yet sure on the validity of this series over such a short time frame. Counting internet ads isn't always easy and I believe there were issues with the long running ANZ series during the transitional phase some years ago.

Anyway, as an initial post a quick compilation of the internet job ads for 'FNQ' by ANZSCO category. This is the 3 month moving average numbers with an index series also provided.

Indexed series for Queensland regions:

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