Thursday, June 5, 2014

Overseas arrivals and departures

Trend growth in international arrivals continued in April and is now 10.4% higher than April 2013: ABS Overseas arrivals and departures. The continued recovery from China is also encouraging after the regulatory related blip in the second half of last year saw trend growth falter.

Departures by Australians were also at a new record as Macrobusiness is always keen to report: Bogan exodus hits record.
The International Visitor Survey for the March quarter from Tourism Research Australia was also released and Conus has raised some queries about the strength of the Queensland and FNQ data with declines in market share and expenditure measures: International visitors survey shows Queensland lagging
I have updated a previously posted graph from the ABS data of state where most time spent for departing visitors. The share for Queensland here still doesn't show any indication of a turnaround in the declining trend. The typical seasonal improvement starting in April (unadjusted data) remains still below the previous year.
Update: Yes, it looks like the predominant story of Victoria eating our lunch remains. Although a breakdown of category such as business, holiday, etc would be beneficial:
Update 2: Gene Tunny at Queensland Economy Watch has also posted: Tourism & Events Qld deserved funding cut – no turnaround in share of international visitors

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  1. Interesting, thanks. I'll have to check out which States they are spending time in at the expense of Qld. Victoria?