Saturday, June 21, 2014

Aquis EIS emerges from the circus tent

Friday afternoon and the Aquis EIS has finally emerged from the Coordinator-General and is open for public submissions until August 5th: Aquis Resort at the Greta Barrier Reef Project

I haven't had a look yet but the Cairns Chamber also has up a supportive web page with links including a number of fact sheets. The Economic Benefits fact sheet contains some curious passages such as:

At peak operations (2030) the project will create a total of more than 53,000 full time equivalent jobs in FNQ representing an 42% increase against the baseline. This is made up of 3,750 direct employees and 2,825 direct employees.
Que? It is to be hoped the full EIS is somewhat more professional and comprehensible, or at least literate and numerate!

Cairns Post: Project refined with sports stadium removed; $52 billion cash boost from Aquis.

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