Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Your 2014 Budget Reader

Here are some links to Commonwaelth budget commentary. The only interesting aspect for FNQ really came from a few items and stray cash for strata insurance analysis of buildings and a website, to which I will return ..... one day!

For dedicated wonks: Budget 2014-15 Tables and Data

Superannuation and retirement guru Trish Power has gone in surprisingly hard with a blast: Adieu Mr Abbott: 10 super ways to lose the next election.

John Quiggin nothing surprising: Hockey's mean budget is full of contradictions; This budget is a clear victory for Australia's 1%

ACTU economist Matt Cowgill has a really good post I think on 'budget emergencies' and 'black holes': How Joe Hockey concocted a budget emergency

A cross-section of responses at the Conversation: Federal Budget 2014. This also includes a comment from Sinclair Davidson which is just as well because I otherwise can't find anything from the lunar libertarians at Catallaxy even worth a glance! As far as I can make out Sinclair is pissed off about the deficit levy.

Gene Tunny at Queensland Economy Watch: Good Budget strategy, but a mix of good and bad policy measures.

Veteran Ross Gittins at the SMH: Tough and unfair, it's business as usual

Steve Keen with some heterodoxicity: Why Clive Palmer speaks budget sense

Annabel Crabb with a perspective on some prominent conservative commentators: Whatever happened to 'without fear or favour'?

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