Thursday, May 1, 2014

Visitor expenditure takes gloss off tourism recovery

The International Visitor Survey from Tourism Research Australia was released this week and commentary on that can be found from Pete Faulkner at Conus: Mixed bag from International Visitor Survey
Visitors to TNQ rose by 3% and we saw its share of international visitors fall to 11.6% (from 11.9% a year ago). Worryingly, the average expenditure per visitor for TNQ fell by 7.1%; that equates to a decline of close to 10% in real terms over the year.
Pete also followed up with further analysis and comment on the decline in visitor expenditure in Queensland: IVS and NVS highlight falling visitor expenditure

I haven't read the survey report and not sure what accuracy there may be around the survey methodology on visitor expenditure but these numbers do appear to take some gloss off the reported tourism recovery. Perhaps that shift from Tim Tams to homebrand milk powder is partly to blame *wink*?

Meanwhile I briefly note a tweet today that Tourism Australia has been targeted for substantial funding cuts by the Audit Commission in Carnberra.

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