Monday, May 12, 2014

Poor response to regional strongchoices forum

This was the Twitter photo attachment today by Treasurer Tim for his "Strong Choices" forum in Townsville. Empty seats apparent. I registered online for the Cairns forum where I was advised there would be subsequent notification by email. Nothing.

Until subsequently an email the day before to which I didn't click respond so didn't link to the 'ticket'. Oh well, nothing missed.

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Links: Failure of Strong Choices now obvious – missed chance to persuade on asset sales; "Strong Choices" backfires

Update: Guardian Australia has jumped on the bandwagon with an interactive feature to enable you to fix the national "budget emergency". I didn't have any problem coming up with a substantial surplus without any GP fee or deficit levy, although don't expect any of my measures to be in tonight's budget: Budget 2014: how would you cut Australia's deficit?


  1. That's a disappointing turnout for the State Treasurer in a city the size of Townsville. Clearly people haven't been excited by the weak Strong Choices campaign.

  2. Thanks Gene. I note from your budget breakfast post that there was a presentation by Tim Nicholls. This suggests the treasurer flew to Townsville for the forum, flew back to Brisbane for the breakfast, then turned around and flew back to Cairns for another forum. Would it be too rude of me to suggest that there are possible efficiency savings here? I hope he flew cattle class!

    1. Haha, a Minister flying cattle class. But really I'm surprised they don't sometimes because it's an easy way to impress people, as Prince William demonstrated recently on that flight in the US. It would give the Tsr a good opportunity to test his Strong Choices arguments with average Queenslanders, who appear to be avoiding his regional forums if that photo you posted is any indication.

  3. The photo in Townsville was from Tim Nicholls own tweet. If anything the response in Cairns may have been lower going by this tweet from a reporter.