Friday, May 9, 2014

International arrivals & departures

The international arrivals and departures numbers for March from the ABS were out this week. Trend growth in short-term visitor arrivals continues, now 9.8% higher than in March 2013 according to the ABS summary. Also, growth from China now appears to be recovering from the downturn in 2H2013 around regulatory changes to package tours.

However, the more interesting story is probably around the slump this month in short-term departures by Australians which appears almost to be now rolling over in trend terms. Although there is also a suggestion of some seasonal variation around Easter so will keep a watch on the extent of any rebound next month:
Short Term Departures

The result is a further contraction in the 'Tourism Deficit' (arrivals - departures) which was subject of a recent post on tourism and the exchange rate.

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