Friday, May 16, 2014

Airport numbers, and freight

I had hoped that Cairns Airport would have updated their traffic stats for April by now but it looks like this will have to wait until next week. There were some interesting reports this weeks from the key capital city airports on April traffic: Melbourne trumps Sydney, Brisbane for airport traffic growth

Melbourne achieved 16 per cent growth in international passengers in April, which was well above the 6.6 per cent growth reported by Sydney Airport, albeit from a larger base. Brisbane Airport reported robust 11 per cent growth in international passengers.
In the domestic stakes, Brisbane Airport was in first place with a year on year increase of 3.9 per cent due in part to new flights from Tigerair Australia, followed closely by Melbourne with 3.2 per cent growth. Sydney Airport's domestic traffic grew by a slim 0.3 per cent.
Interesting point here: Growth in all three is being driven by international rather than domestic which is the opposite of Cairns Airport. Also of interest that they are reporting strong April numbers attributed to the later Easter coincident with school holidays which has recently been suggested at Conus for the volatile ABS stats in March.

A previous query to Cairns Airport suggested Airport Traffic Data from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development as an alternative source of statistics. I gather this is sourced directly from the airlines rather than through the airports so may vary while being consistent.

Cairns Airport has made much recently of the potential of air freight and the DIRD data does actually provide annual freight numbers here back to 1985 (tonnes):

This pretty much correlates with the number of international flights also from DIRD. Note: coincidentally flight movements and tonnes can be easily graphed on the same scale!

I will await with interest the Cairns Airport numbers for April. Also noted at my last post from Reef Casino was that direct flight from China Eastern had already gone into seasonal hiatus? Apart from that we should expect generally good numbers in April going by the results from the capital city airports.

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