Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ita is (not) on TV but filling dams anyway

Cyclone Ita recently passed through the region promising much but thankfully delivering less. Very sadly I can't seem to find a convenient Google link to the retro Skyhooks song lyrics which included "Ita is on TV"?

Agricultural lobbies appear to have been on TV though or at least in the media following Ita. There are many reports re impact on fruit, vegetable and sugar cane. I'm sure there have been and there will be some impact flowing through to some consumer retail prices and also on the sugar crop however......

When it comes to some media reports of 90% losses on the sugar cane crop my rural media contact suggested:

"Complete beat up inspired by over zealous Canegrowers press release & lazy journalism"

Indeed. Meanwhile Ita did deliver a welcome late season boost to dam levels at Tinaroo which had previously been lower than for several years:

Note: Metereological models continue to project a modest El Nino in coming months.

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