Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cairns population growth estimates by suburb

The ABS released regional population estimates earlier this week which has the Cairns Post lamenting the current rate of growth: Cairns lags behind the rest of Far North Queensland in the population stakes
The Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed Cairns had a population growth of 1.9 per cent from 2012-13, the slowest of any major city in northern Australia. Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton and Darwin all recorded bigger growth.
Apart from that headline requiring some geographical editing this should also be kept in perspective. That population growth rate for Cairns is in line with the Queensland average. Perhaps the headline could have been that all the northern tropical cities continue to grow above the Queensland average?

Those numbers are also Local Government Areas (LGA) and in comparing cities perhaps the Significant Urban Area (SUA) may be more appropriate. Cairns SUA grew at a slightly faster 2.0% rate which is the same as Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast. Rockhampton SUA growth is 0.2% lower when the Capricorn Coast/Livingstone Shire area is removed from the LGA while Cairns growth rate increases 0.1%. Amalgamation & De-amalgamations are not yet incorporated in the LGA estimates.

In line with this it is also noted that in the state electoral division data (SED) that Cairns at 2.1% grew faster than both Barron River and Mulgrave which extend out beyond the city SUA limits. This is the SA2 population growth estimates chart of the range for the Cairns suburbs:

Trinity Beach-Smithfield was easily the largest there in terms of total growth in numbers however some of the growth rates here may surprise slightly (Manunda?). These are estimates from ABS based on a number of factors.

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  1. I thought the Post might get upset about Cairns doing so "badly", so included this in my post earlier this week;
    "For those keen to get Cairns above Townsville on some measure, then population growth over the previous decade might do the trick. Since June 2003 Cairns has grown by 28.9%, Townsville by 27.9%."
    As you point out, 1.9% is in line with QLD growth (and better than the national rate), but the Post seems to always want to take the glass half-full position! For a paper that constantly bemoans anyone not placing Cairns at the top of almost any list (think Lonely Planet and Australian Traveller for 2 recent examples), they seem to take a great deal of pleasure in knocking the place themselves. Odd.