Saturday, March 15, 2014

Population projections and a potential Dalton protege

The Cairns Post campaign of the week has related to population growth and density with a push to extend height limits in the CBD: Is 'big Cairns' going to be bigger than Hobart? Population predicted to swell to 205,000 over next decade
The Weekend Post can reveal another 55,000 people are expected to descend on Cairns over the next 10 years, surpassing the current populations of Geelong and Hobart. The new forecast by Queensland Treasury shows the population of Cairns is expected to rise by 2.1 per cent, slightly above the state's average growth rate of 2 per cent.
Well, almost. The numbers here from the latest estimates released this week seem to be for the Cairns Council area projected from a 2011 base to 2026. A period of 15 years. Perhaps Nick Dalton has a protégé?

The debate and PR entirely bypassed the current projections for more granular SA2:

There are clearly some debatable aspects in here when it comes to density .... in population terms I mean!

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