Tuesday, March 18, 2014

February fade at airport

February is typically the weakest month of the year at Cairns Airport and not even the influence of the Chinese New Year period has been able to change that. Last months February fade continued the trend to dampen the previous months exuberance.

There was still an increase in passenger traffic of 2.7% at the domestic terminal over the previous February although this is well below the current annual growth at 6.4% and the strong growth in January. Again comparison is difficult because the lunar CNY straddled the two months this year more evenly.

International traffic continues to be more problematic and was weak in both the most recent months. The airport report numbers show a whopping 11.8% decline in February after meagre 0.7% growth in January. That is despite CNY and the reintroduction of direct flights. International is now down 6.5% financial YTD on the previous year.
There remain comparison issues with previous historical data at the International T1 yet to be resolved. I'm also not sure what Jetstar changes to the Cairns - Darwin - Singapore route may have on international and domestic mix.
Source: Cairns Airport 

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