Sunday, February 23, 2014

Un-tropical sports institute proposal

The Member for Leichhardt has been an advocate for a tropical campus of the Australian Institute of Sport to be established in Cairns.  However the Winter Olympics performance has brought forth a rival proposal from renowned sports icon Roy Slaven to establish an Antarctic campus:

Roy offered his solution to Australia’s poor performance in winter sports -- set up a training camp in Antarctica.
"All we’ve got down there is scientists studying snow. What that does for anyone I’ve no idea.  We have a boat that leaves from Hobart twice a week taking more scientists and bringing back snow. Why not send the Olympic winter team and the administration and the centre of excellence to the Mawson station in Antarctica?" HG: That’s an elegant solution. We could build a half pipe." Roy: "And Mawson’s hut would get some use again, because it’s had no use since 1924.

The member will have his work cut out trying to match the influence of Slaven in Canberra!

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