Saturday, February 1, 2014

Life's like a box of chocolates.

'Listen to us' - Cairns tourism operators feel abandoned and slam council and State Government.

All over a sign and the label "Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef".  Really, it could be something out of Muriel's Wedding with the Mayor of Porpoise Spit!

Angry operators

Here most of us were thinking this GBR gateway and sign fetish had been sorted back a while ago, and that Fred Ariel had moved on to a scheme to pipe water from PNG to the Sahara or somewhere? When this came up previously there seemed to be some kind of misconception that the Whitsundays was stealing our lunch.

The Cairns Post have done a good job though of dredging up a new headline to replace a cyclone that didn't really happen. Is there another sign related agenda here beginning with the letter 'A'?

Anyway, currently if any potential tourist googles  a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef they are more likely to come up with a link to dredging. There has now been a quite reasonable query as to why we need a 'great' reef when an 'adequate' one would suffice:  Government: “An Adequate Barrier Reef would be good enough”

The marketing question for Cairns shouldn't be the triviality of a sign at the lagoon. I'm not technically informed to judge the merits of the recent dredging proposal for Abbott Pt. I am technically equipped enough to do a google search and quickly determine that regardless the controversy is damaging to the brand.

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