Monday, February 3, 2014

Insurance Council preference distribution

The AEC has released details of political donations for the 2012-13 year. The Mayne Report may be a good place to track any news on interesting donations or you can do your own searching at the Annual Returns Locator Service.

The donations from our good mates at the Insurance Council provide some items of trivia from an NQ perspective with $90,957 donations in total. This was predominantly to the Coalition although there was $25,000 for an ALP business forum and $1,361 for a dinner with Bill Shorten. All I can say given his (no) response on NQ insurance issues is that they got their moneys worth out of dinner with Bill.

There was also some enthusiasm for raffle tickets from the Victorian Liberals. Presumably they do a good meat tray? Most of the rest relate to relevant fundraiser events and spokesmen such as Hockey, Robb and Cormann. Although the items of $3K "LNP Ryan Fund" and $2K "Prentice" are curious.

Jane Prentice is the member for riverside Ryan in Brisbane. I wonder what she did to earn such preferential support? No mention of Leichhardt or Entsch. No wonder Wazza is filthy with the Insurance Council.

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