Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm bored ..... so it's weather!

I spent some time this week with ruminating on unemployment stats, whether regional or youthful, and then my spreadsheet came unstuck with an outcome too embarrassing to post. So why not resort to weather?

A weak Madden-Julian oscillation is back in the western Pacific apparently or something, and there is also talk of a possible cyclone next week! With a few hours to go though rainfall in February remains below average. This is monthly variation from average at Cairns Aero:

The uptick in the 12 month rolling average there is mostly because last February was bloody woeful! While this year was below average it was surprisingly not by that much given no outstanding events. Note: doesn't take that much for wet season rainfall to add up! This is monthly rainfall at Cairns Aero:

So far, like last year, no big events to boost the average relative to the median! Unlike the previous years where a La Nina pattern predominated. Currently neutral but BOM suggest model possibility of a developing El Nino.
Meanwhile up at Lake Tinaroo:
May we trust that any imminent cyclone impacts appropriately!

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